"Has the trampoline arrived yet?" (Hetal, aged 9)


We are looking forward to meeting Hetal at the Shradhanjali Integrated School when we travel to Bangalore, India in April. During this charity trip  will be training the staff as Senmove Trampoline Practitioners so that they can use the trampoline as a physical therapy for their students with disabilities.

Senmove Trampoline is one of the most effective methods for students with limited mobility to improve their aerobic fitness, strength and functional ability in a fun and engaging way. For more information please visit www.senmove.org

The Association of Physical Disabilities (APD) is a Banglore based charity who run the Shradhanjali school and rural outreach services for children who otherwise would not attend a school. APD is reliant on charitable donations to run this unique school. To learn more about their great work click here -  http://www.apd-india.org/

We are aiming to raise £1000 towards the trampoline and equipment costs.

If you would like to make a donation please contact Russell (info@senmove.org) or Davina(davinawatson8@gmail.com) or send a cheque to: 17c Henleaze Road, Bristol, BS9 4EY made payable to D Watson.

Thank you.

Davina & Russell

- We  have not set up a Just Giving / charity donation page as these schemes do not apply to Indian registered charities. 

"When I met Russell and
Davina on a cold English November day it was my first time on a trampoline. I was immediately impressed by the range of benefits that Senmove Trampoline could provide to my students. I am delighted that Russell and Davina will be coming out to train us and I hope they are prepared for the 36 degree heat". (VS BasavarajuDirector of APD)
Thank you to the following people for their donations:

A Watson
M & N Tindale
P & P Watson
D James
I Haddon
G Birt
G Knight
C Page
K MacIntosh
V de Chazal 
L Ainger
C & D Longman
S Heron
H Petal
F Walker
S Hicki
D Asquith
S Chandran